Thomas Mach

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

1992 …2022
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Projects 1992 2022


REsys - Hybrid Engery

Rieberer, R., Schmautzer, E., Heimrath, R., Lerch, W. & Mach, T.


Project: Research project

Studie Grünanger - Urban development study Grünanger

Rainer, E., Mach, T. & Heimrath, R.


Project: Research project

IEA SHC Task 51 - IEA SHC Task 51: Solar Energy in Urban Planning

Hofbauer, C., Rieberer, R. & Mach, T.


Project: Research project

UNAB - Sustainable Designprocess & Integrated Facades

Mach, T., Stavric, M., Wall, J., Passer, A., Brandl, D., Pichler, M., Zellinger, M., Klammer, G., Trink, T., Riewe, R., Hofstadler, C., Oswald, F., Adametz, C., Kreiner, H., Schober, H., Hochenauer, C., Englhardt, O., Lüking, T. & Boskovic, V.


Project: Research project

+ERS - Plus Energy Network Reininghaus Süd

Oblak, H., Passer, A., Kreiner, H., Mach, T., Rainer, E. & Heimrath, R.


Project: Research project

SCP - Smart City Project Graz Middle

Passer, A., Kreiner, H., Rainer, E., Kohla, B., Oblak, H., Nageler, P. J., Heinz, A., Mach, T. & Brandl, D.


Project: Research project

HF11-037_I live Graz - smart people create their smart city

Hauer, E., Lechner, A., Maydl, P., Wall, J., Löschnig, W., Narodoslawsky, M., Ferk, H., Mach, T., Hofbauer, C., Hasewend, B., Krall, E., Passer, A., Lüking, T., Eichberger, A., Fellendorf, M., Breitwieser, H., Bogensberger, M., Fallast, K., Gruber, G., Cody, B., Trajanoska, B., Fuchs-Hanusch, D., Fickert, L., Pluta-Fürst, A., Schnitzer, H. & Rainer, E.


Project: Research project

IEA-SHC Task 41: Solar Energy and Architecture

Mach, T. & Lechner, A.


Project: Research project

IEAA - Integration of Energy Relevant Aspects in Architectural Competitions

Streicher, W., Mach, T. & Gratzl-Michlmair, M.


Project: Research project

Best Practice Guide of Double Skin Facades

Heimrath, R., Mach, T. & Streicher, W.


Project: Research project

Sunny Research - Sunny Research

Mach, T., Puschnig, P., Eder, K. & Streicher, W.


Project: Research project

Cooling Technologies for Office Buildings

Mach, T., Streicher, W., Heimrath, R. & Kouba, R.


Project: Research project

Solar assisted heating systems

Mach, T., Heinz, A., Heimrath, R. & Streicher, W.


Project: Research project