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René Rieberer

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

1994 …2022
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Projects 1995 2022

HPC - Model based Control of Absorption Heat Pumping Systems

Rieberer, R., Arnitz, A. & Wernhart, M. W.


Project: Research project

IEA HPT Annex 49: Design and integration of heat pumps for nZEB

Rieberer, R., Heinz, A. & Lerch, W.


Project: Research project

IEA HPT Annex 51: Acoustic Signature of Heat Pumps

Rieberer, R. & Wagner, P.


Project: Research project

IEA HPT Annex 48 - Industrial Heat Pumps Phase 2

Rieberer, R. & Arnitz, A.


Project: Research project

Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning

Moisi, H. S., Zotter, G., Rieberer, R., Heimrath, R., Arnitz, A., Wechsler, R., Heinz, A., Halozan, H., Hannl, D., Schranzhofer, H., Albert, J., Wagner, P. & Verdnik, M.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

REsys - Hybrid Engery

Rieberer, R., Schmautzer, E., Heimrath, R., Lerch, W. & Mach, T.


Project: Research project

IEA HPP Annex 42 - Heat Pumps in Smart Grids

Pichler, M., Rieberer, R. & Moisi, H. S.


Project: Research project

SOFCool - Combined Cooling, Heat and Power

Hochenauer, C. & Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project

BioPower - Innovative biomass micro-CHP

Rieberer, R., Zotter, G. & Kalkgruber, J.


Project: Research project

SOptA - Optimization of NH3/H2O heat pumps by means of simulation

Zotter, G., Hannl, D., Wechsler, R. & Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project

IEA HPP Annex 43: Fuel-driven Heat Pumps

Wechsler, R., Hannl, D., Rieberer, R. & Zotter, G.


Project: Research project

IEA HPP Annex 43 - Fuel-driven Heat Pumps

Rieberer, R. & Wechsler, R.


Project: Research project

IEA SHC Task 51 - IEA SHC Task 51: Solar Energy in Urban Planning

Hofbauer, C., Rieberer, R. & Mach, T.


Project: Research project

IEA HPP Annex 41: Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Zotter, G., Rieberer, R., Moisi, H. S. & Hannl, D.


Project: Research project

DAKTRis - Dynamic operational behaviour of absorption chillers in Trigeneration Systems

Zotter, G., Hannl, D. & Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project

HyPump - hybrid heat pumping system technology

Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project

NextGen - Absorption heat pump

Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project

IEA HPP Annex 35 - IEA HPP Annex 35: Application of Industrial Heat Pumps

Moser, H., Zotter, G. & Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project

IonA - Machbarkeitsstudie Ionische Flüssigkeiten

Kotenko, O. & Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project

InnovAP - Feasibility Study Innovative Absorption Heat Pumping Process

Moser, H., Kotenko, O. & Rieberer, R.


Project: Research project