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1993 …2019
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Projects 1993 2019


SUNFISH - SUNFISH- Secure information sharing in federated heterogeneous private clouds

Reiter, A., Marsalek, A., Suzic, B., Posch, R., Leitold, H. & Reimair, F.


Project: Research project

C4E - Cloud for Europe

Leitold, H., Posch, R., Suzic, B. & Reiter, A.


Project: Research project

EU - STORK 2.0 - Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed

Reiter, A., Rath, C., Lenz, T., Reimair, F., Suzic, B., Kreuzhuber, S., Marsalek, A., Leitold, H. & Lipp, P.


Project: Research project

EU - STORK - Secure Identity Across Borders Linked

Zefferer, T., Stranacher, K., Ivkovic, M., Bauer, W., Orthacker, C., Kamrat, I., Zwattendorfer, B., Rössler, T., Tauber, A., Bonato, M., Knall, T., Posch, R., Hämmerle, F. & Leitold, H.


Project: Research project

Electronic Government (E-government)

Zefferer, T., Stranacher, K., Bauer, W., Neuherz, E., Orthacker, C., Teufl, P., Leitold, H., Rössler, T., Posch, K., Tauber, A., Zwattendorfer, B., Posch, R., Danner, P., Bonato, M., Knall, T. & Ivkovic, M.


Project: Research area


Kamendje Tchokobou, G. A., Posch, R., Ibertsberger, B., Konrad, D., Sterbenz, A., Wolkerstorfer, J., Leitold, H., Mayer, M. & Sauseng, G.


Project: Research project

European Electronic Signature Standardization Initiative

Payer, U., Obermoser, S., Leitold, H. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

A-SIT - Secure Information Technology Center Austria

Stranacher, K., Dominikus, S., Leitold, H., Marsalek, A., Teufl, P., Bauer, W., Aigner, M. J., Rössler, T., Neuherz, E., Dietrich, K., Zefferer, T., Mangard, S., Payer, U., Orthacker, C., Lipp, P., Reiter, A., Knall, T., Bratko, H., Bonato, M., Suzic, B., Zwattendorfer, B., Kreuzhuber, S., Oswald, M. E., Tauber, A., Posch, R., Bratko, D., Feichtner, J., Ivkovic, M., Reimair, F., Wolkerstorfer, J. & Scheibelhofer, K.


Project: Research area

Telekom Project Secure Multimediaconferencing

Payer, U., Leitold, H., Sterbenz, A., Lipp, P., Ingruber, R., Posch, R. & Pscheidt, M.


Project: Research project

SCAN - Secure Communication in ATM Networks

Posch, K., Leitold, H., Wolkerstorfer, J., Obermoser, S., Aigner, M. J., Payer, U., Bratko, H., Bock, H. A., Mayerwieser, W. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

Telekom project ISDN Channel Security

Leitold, H., Posch, K., Wolkerstorfer, J., Payer, U., Ingruber, R. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

Telekom Research Cooperation

Payer, U., Leitold, H., Lipp, P., Posch, K. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

Styrian School Network STSnet

Leitold, H. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

IFIP communication project

Posch, R. & Leitold, H.


Project: Research project

Strategy and network management of an ISDN-LAN access

Leitold, H., Schober, W., Pucher, F. L., Posch, R. & Payer, U.


Project: Research project


Leitold, H., Posch, R., Mangard, S. & Payer, U.


Project: Research area

Internet based ISDN-LAN access

Posch, R., Pucher, F. L. & Leitold, H.


Project: Research project