Ferdinand Hofer

Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

1979 …2019
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Projects 1995 2015


Synthesis and Characterization of Metallic Nanoparticles

Hofer, F., Schaffer, B. & Rogers, M.

1/10/02 → …

Project: Research project

Acquisition and Data Reduction of EELS-Spectrum-Images

Windisch, G., Hofer, F., Kothleitner, G. & Schaffer, B.

1/12/99 → …

Project: Research project

General Research Activities of the Institute

Hofer, F.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research project

Kryo-Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie von Kunststoffen und Biomaterialien

Belegratis, M. R., Ingolic, E. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research project

Nanonet Styria - Setup of the Network "Nananalysis Styria"

Rom, W. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research project

Sub-Nanometer Analysis with HR-EFTEM and HR-STEM

Mitterbauer, C., Hofer, F., Kothleitner, G. & Grogger, W.


Project: Research area

Characterization of micro-domains in LaNi5-foils with AEM

Warbichler, P., Brunegger, A., Hofer, F. & Kothleitner, G.


Project: Research area

Investigation of the Unusual Tungsten Carbide Grain Growth in Hard Metals

Hofer, F., Brunegger, A., Kothleitner, G. & Warbichler, P.


Project: Research area

Multilayer capacitor ceramics: Segregation studies in grain boundaries and triple junctions.

Brunegger, A., Hofer, F., Kothleitner, G. & Warbichler, P.


Project: Research project

Phase identification of varistor ceramics by means of AEM

Hofer, F., Brunegger, A. & Warbichler, P.


Project: Research project

Near-Edge Fine Structures in EELS

Kothleitner, G., Grogger, W., Hofer, F., Wewerka, K., Letofsky-Papst, I. & Mitterbauer, C.


Project: Research area

Microstructure of La-Sr-Co-oxides

Letofsky-Papst, I. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research project

AEM-Investigation of Diesel Engine Exhaust Particles

Rom, I., Letofsky-Papst, I., Rogers, M. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research area

AEM-Investigations of Polymers

Fleischhacker, C., Hofer, F., Kothleitner, G. & Ingolic, E.


Project: Research area

Nanoanalysis of Steels

Brunegger, A., Hofer, F., Letofsky-Papst, I., Rechberger, W. & Kothleitner, G.


Project: Research area

EFTEM-EELS investigation of thin RTP-vanadium nitride layers on silicon wafers

Warbichler, P., Brunegger, A., Hofer, F. & Brunegger, M.


Project: Research area

Electron microscopical characterization of surface modified polymers

Ingolic, E., Pölt, P. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research area

Microstructure of magnetic Fe-Nd-B alloys

Warbichler, P. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research project

Characterization of organic LED's by means of analytical electron microscopy

Grubbauer, G., Mitterbauer, C., Letofsky-Papst, I., Hofer, F., Ingolic, E. & Grogger, W.


Project: Research area

Characterization of nanocrystalline Ti-B-N und Ti-B-C coatings

Warbichler, P., Brunegger, A. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research project

Electron-microscopical investigation of oxide layers on metals

Hofer, F., Schmied, M. M. & Warbichler, P.


Project: Research area

AEM investigations of Cr modified Ni base superalloys

Hofer, F., Brunegger, M., Dienstleder, M., Brunegger, A., Warbichler, P. & Fink, E.


Project: Research project

Precipitates in Tool Steels

Hofer, F., Rechberger, W., Brunegger, M. & Warbichler, P.


Project: Research project

AEM-Investigations of Nanocrystalline In-Doped Cd-Cr-Spinells

Warbichler, P. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research area

Characterization of hard metal-layers and ceramic layers

Warbichler, P., Grogger, W. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research project

Analytical Electron Microscopy

Schaffer, B., Hofer, F., Rogers, M., Mitterbauer, C. & Wewerka, K.


Project: Research area

Development of Instruments for Electron Microscopic Preparation

Czapek, W., Birnstingl, G., Windisch, G., Aldrian, A., Kaltmann, S. & Hofer, F.


Project: Research area