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Projects 1970 2022

Extraction of Chlorophenols

Marr, R.


Project: Research project

Extraction with and without chemical reaction

Haderer, T., Marr, R., Letonja, P., Ernst, M., Kienberger, M., Noll, H., Rohde, C., Huber, C., Gurker, T. & Luttenberger, H.

1/01/70 → …

Project: Research area

Extractive waste water cleaning contaminated with phenols

Marr, R.


Project: Research project

Flex-Fuel-Reformer - Flex-Fuel Reformer for Fuel Cell Systems

Strasser, R., Nestl, S., Marius, B., Lammer, M., Gehrer, C., Malli, K., Wegleiter, M. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

FLIPPR - Future Lignin and Pulp Processing

Jagiello, L. A., Bauer, W., Hofer, K., Schwaiger, N., Grubbauer, J., Neubauer, C., Radl, S., König, L. M., Fischer, W. J., Eckhart, R., Mayr, M., König, J., Redlinger-Pohn, J. D. & Giner Tovar, R.


Project: Research project

FLUIDPEM - Fluid-Transport in PEM Brennstoffzellen

Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

Fractionation of raw lecithine by ethanol extraction

Kirschneck, D. & Marr, R.


Project: Research project

Fuel cell systems

Gebetsroither, F., Gehrer, C., Strasser, R., Voitic, G., Nestl, S. & Hacker, V.

1/01/01 → …

Project: Research area

Further Publications 2001


Project: Research project

GreenCell - Neue Materialien für die Hochleistungs-Direkt-Ethanol-Brennstoffzelle

Hofer, A., Gehrer, C., Noll, H., Bodner, M. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

heteroaceotropic distillation - pilot plant experiments

Zapfel, W. & Marr, R.


Project: Research project

High Pressure Processes

Gamse, T. & Marr, R.

1/01/78 → …

Project: Research area

IEA AFC 2011-2014 - Austrian participation on the Implementing Agreement on Advanced Fuel Cells

Gehrer, C., Hofer, A. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

IEA MD TCP Annex 17

Kienberger, M.


Project: Research project

KEEPEMALIVE - Knowledge to Enhance the Endurance of PEM fuel cells by Accelerated LIfetime Verification Experiments

Geymayer, M., Hofer, A., Winkler, T., Hacker, V., Wede, F. B., Mayrhuber, I., Plörer, D. & Marterer, D.


Project: Research project

Lanxess 01 - Phase-separtion equipment - lab-scale experiments and modeling

Pfennig, A.


Project: Research project

Laseroptic characterization of full-cone and hollow-cone sprays

Wieltsch, U. & Marr, R.


Project: Research project

LISAE - Li-Ion Battery Safety in Automotive Environment

Voitic, G. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project