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ARCHISTAR - Archistar

Hanser, C., Lanz, K. & Lipp, P.


Project: Research project

RiSE - Rigorous Systems Engineering

Könighofer, R., Khalimov, A., Bloem, R., Könighofer, B. & Jacobs, S.


Project: Research project

EU - TAMPRES - TAMper Resistant Sensor node

Hutter, M., Kirschbaum, M., Plos, T., Korak, T., Wenger, E. & Schmidt, J.


Project: Research project

EU - SEPIA - Secure, Embedded Platform with advanced Process Isolation and Anonymity Capabilities

Winter, J., Dietrich, K., Pirker, M., Hein, D., Bloem, R., Tögl, R. & Podesser, S.


Project: Research project

NOTZERT - Notfalls-Zertifierungsinfrastrukturen und dienste

Roth, S., Rath, C., Hanser, C., Posch, K., Schallar, M., Schläffer, M., Bratko, H. & Lipp, P.


Project: Research project

Emergency Certification Infrastructures and Services

Haas, B., Reimair, F., Hanser, C., Schallar, M., Rath, C., Bratko, H. & Lipp, P.


Project: Research project

PIT - Privacy in the Future Internet of Things

Wenger, E., Feldhofer, M., Hutter, M., Aigner, M. J., Dominikus, S., Posch, K. & Schmidt, J.


Project: Research project

FWF - IIA - Investigation of Implementation Attacks

Wenger, E., Kirschbaum, M. & Schmidt, J.


Project: Research project

FWF - kryptographische Hashfu - Cryptanalysis of modern cryptographic hash functions II

Nad, T., Mendel, F., Schläffer, M., Lamberger, M. & Rijmen, V.


Project: Research project

EU - DIAMOND - Diagnosis, Error Modelling and Correction for Reliable Systems Design

Khalimov, A., Greimel, K., Jacobs, S., Hofferek, G., Könighofer, B., Könighofer, R. & Bloem, R.


Project: Research project

Best Network - Biometric European Stakeholders Network

Posch, R.


Project: Research project

EU - Spocs - Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services

Stranacher, K., Tauber, A., Rössler, T. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

acTVsM! - Advanced Cryptographic Trusted Virtual Security Module

Tögl, R., Pirker, M., Niederl, A. & Bloem, R.


Project: Research project

CRYPTA - Cryptographic Protected Tags for new RFID Applications

Posch, K., Feldhofer, M., Dominikus, S., Plos, T., Aigner, M. J., Hutter, M. & Schmidt, J.


Project: Research project

Electronic Identification


Project: Research area

EU - SECRICOM - Seamless communication for crisis management

Danner, P., Kraxberger, S., Hein, D., Lipp, P. & Bloem, R.


Project: Research project

EU - ECRYPT II - European network of excellence in cryptology - Phase II

Schmidt, J., Nad, T., Kirschbaum, M., Feldhofer, M., Schläffer, M., Aigner, M. J., Rechberger, C., Lamberger, M., Tillich, S., Medwed, M., Hutter, M., Rijmen, V., Mendel, F. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

EU - STORK - Secure Identity Across Borders Linked

Zefferer, T., Stranacher, K., Ivkovic, M., Bauer, W., Orthacker, C., Kamrat, I., Zwattendorfer, B., Rössler, T., Tauber, A., Bonato, M., Knall, T., Posch, R., Hämmerle, F. & Leitold, H.


Project: Research project

POWER TRUST - Low POWer & Energy Relevant techniques Targetting Robust Universal Security in deep sub-micron Technologies

Kirschbaum, M., Medwed, M., Szekely, A., Tillich, S., Dominikus, S., Herbst, C. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

Formal Methods for Design & Verification

Jacobs, S., Bloem, R., Könighofer, R., Könighofer, B., Khalimov, A., Hofferek, G. & Braud-Santoni, N.


Project: Research area

ARTEUS - Attack Resistance and Tolerance Enabling Universal Security

Schläffer, M., Medwed, M., Popp, T., Schmidt, J., Rijmen, V. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

EU - COCONUT - A correct-by-construction workbench for design and verification of embedded systems

Könighofer, R., Hofferek, G., Greimel, K. & Bloem, R.


Project: Research project

FWF - Kryptoanalyse - Cryptanalysis by means of numerical methods

Mendel, F., Nad, T., Lamberger, M., Rechberger, C., Schläffer, M. & Rijmen, V.


Project: Research project

TOPAS - Trust Oriented Platform For Advanced Security

Dietrich, K., Rijmen, V., Winter, J. & Lipp, P.


Project: Research project

GRANDESCA - Generating RANDom values for Encryption in the presence of Side Channel and other Attacks

Aigner, M. J., Kirschbaum, M. & Popp, T.


Project: Research project

EU - SMEPP - Secure Middleware for embedded Peer-to-Peer Systems

Tillich, S., Wolkerstorfer, J., Payer, U., Kraxberger, S. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

EU - C@R - Collaboration Rural

Schläffer, M., Medwed, M., Feldhofer, M., Hutter, M., Wolkerstorfer, J. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

EU - BRIDGE - Building Radio frequency IDentification solutions for the Global Environment

Feldhofer, M., Wolkerstorfer, J., Aigner, M. J. & Plos, T.


Project: Research project

FWF - Unters. Seitenkanal Att - Investigation of Side-Channel Attacks (ISCA)

Dominikus, S., Hutter, M., Popp, T., Mangard, S., Oswald, M. E., Rijmen, V., Plos, T., Posch, R. & Herbst, C.


Project: Research project

SNAP - Secure NFC Application

Hutter, M., Dominikus, S., Mangard, S., Zangl, H., Wolkerstorfer, J., Oswald, M. E., Popp, T., Feldhofer, M., Bretterklieber, T. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

PROACT - Programme for Advanced Contactless Technology

Posch, K., Winkler, G., Bretterklieber, T., Brasseur, G., Pribyl, W., Dominikus, S., Hutter, M., Tillich, S., Kubin, G., Trieb, M., Feldhofer, M., Zangl, H., Leitgeb, E., Steger, C., Preis, K., Aigner, M. J., Wolkerstorfer, J., Biro, O., Plos, T., Söser, P., Koudelka, O. F. S., Witrisal, K. & Hollaus, K.


Project: Research project

EU - Open_TC - Open Trusted Computing

Bratko, H., Tögl, R., Winkler, T., Pirker, M., Hofferek, G., Dietrich, K., Lipp, P. & Vejda, T.


Project: Research project

Trusted Computing

Niederl, A., Lipp, P., Hein, D., Vejda, T., Podesser, S., Tögl, R., Dietrich, K., Bratko, H., Winter, J. & Pirker, M.


Project: Research area

FIT-IT- Quantum Cryptography - Quantum Cryptography on the Chip (QCC)

Hutter, M., Posch, K., Szekely, A., Aigner, M. J., Posch, R. & Wolkerstorfer, J.


Project: Research project

FWF - Analyse kryptograph Hash - Analysis of Modern Cryptographic Hash Functions

Mendel, F., Pramstaller, N., Rechberger, C., Rijmen, V. & De Cannière, C.


Project: Research project

Network Security

Mayer, M., Kraxberger, S., Lackner, G., Sauseng, G., Ibrahim, S., Lamberger, M. & Payer, U.


Project: Research area

RFID Security

Wenger, E., Hutter, M., Oswald, M. E., Posch, K., Plos, T., Herbst, C., Schmidt, J., Feldhofer, M., Szekely, A., Dominikus, S., Aigner, M. J., Kirschbaum, M., Medwed, M. & Posch, R.


Project: Research area

Electronic Government (E-government)

Zefferer, T., Stranacher, K., Bauer, W., Neuherz, E., Orthacker, C., Teufl, P., Leitold, H., Rössler, T., Posch, K., Tauber, A., Zwattendorfer, B., Posch, R., Danner, P., Bonato, M., Knall, T. & Ivkovic, M.


Project: Research area

Intensive Program on Information and Communication Security: Secure Embedded Systems

Lipp, P., Feldhofer, M., Wolkerstorfer, J., Dominikus, S., Tillich, S., Posch, R., Payer, U., Mangard, S., Rijmen, V., Oswald, M. E. & Posch, K.


Project: Research project

ECRYPT - EU-eCrypt FP6 NoE - Network of Excellence in Cryptology

Mendel, F., Mangard, S., Rijmen, V., Feldhofer, M., Tillich, S., Posch, K., Aigner, M. J., Schläffer, M., Großschädl, J., Rechberger, C., Wolkerstorfer, J., Pramstaller, N. & Oswald, M. E.


Project: Research project

POSITIF - Policy based security framework and tools

Lamberger, M., Kraxberger, S. & Payer, U.


Project: Research project

EU - SCARD - Side Channel Analysis Resistant Design Flow

Mangard, S., Herbst, C., Wolkerstorfer, J., Oswald, M. E., Popp, T., Tillich, S. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

MISTRAL - Measurable Intelligent and Reliable Semantic Extraction and Retrieval of Multimedia Data

Schläffer, M., Marte, B., Oswald, M. E., Garcia-Barrios, V. M., Posch, K., Ruhmer, M. & Guetl, C.


Project: Research project

Instruction Set Extensions and Architectural Enhancements for Public-Key Cryptography on General-Purpose RISC Processors

Tillich, S., Großschädl, J., Szekely, A. & Posch, K.


Project: Research project

Authentication for Long-range RFID Technology

Feldhofer, M., Dominikus, S. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

Investigations on Simple and Differential Power Analysis (ISDPA)

Mangard, S., Popp, T., Oswald, M. E. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

Electonic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI) Working Group

Lipp, P. & Bonato, M.


Project: Research area

longterm electronic signatures

Bratko, D., Bonato, M. & Lipp, P.


Project: Research project