WBT-Master - Modern Learning Management System

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An effective learning management system (LMS) is a vital component of an overall E-Learning infrastructure in universities nowadays. Learning Manage-ment System can be seen as a structured repository of courseware materials pro-vided with additional communication facilities such as discussion forum, annota-tions, chats, etc. In this paper, we present innovative features of a modern LMS called WBT-Master. These features actually justify the development of yet anoth-er LMS.
We describe the architecture of the system, data structuring paradigm, interface to popular cloud services, social computing component and human-computer inter-face solutions.
We also discuss advantages of the implementation, problems that we experienced and first results of actual usage of the LMS.
The practical value of this paper is defined by possible reproduction and further development of the presented technical solutions in other LMS.
Titel24th International Conference, ICIST 2018
Herausgeber (Verlag)Springer Verlag
ISBN (elektronisch)ISBN 978-3-319-99972-2
ISBN (Print)ISBN 978-3-319-99971-5
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2018


NameCommunications in Computer and Information Science
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    Scerbakov, N., & Kappe, F. (2018). WBT-Master - Modern Learning Management System. in 24th International Conference, ICIST 2018 (S. 461-476). (Communications in Computer and Information Science). Springer Verlag.