Variable ON-Time Control Scheme for the Secondary Side Controlled Flyback Converter

Alexander Michael Connaughton, Arash P. Talei, Kennith Kin Leong, Klaus Krischan, Annette Muetze

Publikation: Beitrag in einer FachzeitschriftArtikel


This paper presents an analysis of a novel control approach for the Secondary Side Controlled Flyback concept, along with improved drain-source voltage sensing for more precise gate signals and reduced losses. In contrast to the existing control scheme for this concept, the approach presented here sustains constant switching frequency throughout the load range without any additional hardware; boosting efficiency and simplifying couple inductor design optimization. A 65W demonstrator shows minimal output ripple during load changes, peak efficiency of 89.90%, natural output current limiting in overload conditions, and utilizes a novel lossless synchronous-rectification sensing sub-circuit with minimal zero current crossing delay.

Seiten (von - bis)2416-2426
FachzeitschriftIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Mär 2019

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