Ultraslow diffusion in polycrystalllne h-LITIS2 studied by 7Li spln-alignment echo NMR spectroscopy

Martin Wilkening*, Paul Heitjans

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Multiple-time spin-alignment echo (SAE) NMR spectroscopy of spin-3/2 nuclei is used to study ultraslow diffusion in the hexagonal layered Li ion conductor LixTiS2 (x ≈1). Two-time correlation functions were monitored by recording (Jeener-Broekaert) echo amplitudes for constant evolution and variable mixing times. Echo decay rates τSAE -1 being directly related to Li jump rates, take values ranging from 2s -1 to 570 s-1 between temperatures T = 185 K and 293 K. The temperature dependence of τSAE -1 shows Arrhenius behaviour with an activation energy of 0.26(1) eV, being similar to that obtained by spin-lattice relaxation measurements in the rotating as well as in the laboratory frame at higher temperatures.

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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Jan 2005
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