Toward Multimodal Interaction of Scatterplot Spaces Exploration

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The latest generation of large vertically-mounted multitouch
displays bring new opportunities for solving visual
analytics tasks. Due to their size, it is possible to visualise
and collaboratively interact with high-dimensional datasets
and multiple views (e.g., scatterplots, scatterplot matrices
and parallel coordinates). However, using only multi-touch
for input can be overly restrictive. Other modalities need to
be considered to utilise the power of these screens fully. By
adding natural language interaction, the user can directly
interact with the visual analytics application from a distance.
Incorporating eye-tracking can help narrow down what the
user is looking at or is interested in. In this paper, some of
the challenges of using multi-touch as input for the analysis
of scatterplot spaces on large vertically-mounted multitouch
displays are discussed and addressed by proposing
the incorporation of other interaction modalities.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 29 Mai 2018
VeranstaltungMultimodal Interaction for Data Visualization - Resort Riva del Sole, Grosseto, Italien
Dauer: 29 Mai 2018 → …


WorkshopMultimodal Interaction for Data Visualization
Zeitraum29/05/18 → …


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