Software configuration based on order processes

Andreas Daniel Sinnhofer*, Peter Pühringer, Klaus Potzmader, Clemens Orthacker, Christian Steger, Christian Kreiner

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Business processes have proven to be essential for organisations to be highly flexible and competitive in today’s markets. However, good process management is not enough to survive in a market if the according IT landscape is not aligned to the business processes. Especially industries focused on software products are facing big problems if the according processes are not aligned to the overall software system architecture. Often, a lot of development resources are spent for features which are never addressed by any business goals, leading to unnecessary development costs. In this paper, we will present a framework for an automatic, order process driven, software configuration. For this, modern software product line engineering techniques are used to provide a systematic way to align the variability of the order processes with the software architecture.

TitelBusiness Modeling and Software Design - 6th International Symposium, BMSD 2016, Revised Selected Papers
Herausgeber (Verlag)Springer Verlag
ISBN (Print)9783319572215
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 7 Apr 2017
Veranstaltung6th International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design, BMSD 2016 - Rhodes, Griechenland
Dauer: 20 Jun 201622 Jun 2016


NameLecture Notes in Business Information Processing
ISSN (Print)1865-1348


Konferenz6th International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design, BMSD 2016

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  • !!Control and Systems Engineering
  • !!Management Information Systems
  • !!Business and International Management
  • Information systems
  • !!Modelling and Simulation
  • !!Information Systems and Management


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