Single Cooper pair pump

L. J. Geerligs*, S. M. Verbrugh, P. Hadley, J. E. Mooij, H. Pothier, P. Lafarge, C. Urbina, D. Estève, M. H. Devoret

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    We have operated a Cooper pair pump, a linear array of superconducting tunnel junctions in which single Cooper pairs are moved under the influence of ac signals applied to two gate electrodes. The pump is based on the Coulomb blockade of charge tunneling. Because of the small junction capacitance precisely one Cooper pair is transferred per ac cycle. The current-voltage characteristics of this device show current plateaus close to 2 ef, where f is the frequency of the ac voltages. Deviations are explained in terms of Zener tunneling, Cooper pair co-tunneling, and sporadic quasiparticle tunneling.

    Seiten (von - bis)349-355
    FachzeitschriftZeitschrift für Physik / B
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Okt 1991

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    • Physik der kondensierten Materie
    • Elektronische, optische und magnetische Materialien


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