Professor YouTube and Their Interactive Colleagues How Enhanced Videos and Online Courses Change the Way of Learning

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Although, videos for teaching and learning have been established for many years, transferring of knowledge has changed tremendously within the past decade. Students increasingly consume learning content via videos. In this context, the triumph of YouTube in becoming a main source for learning is astonishing. In combination with an increasing use of online courses, videos however, also need to be focused from a didactical perspective. This fact is one out of a couple of interesting results from 2018's survey amongst first-year students of Graz University of Technology. This survey focuses on the student's IT preferences and competence; it has been executed annually since 2007. Based on more than 9500 datasets, this long-term survey records changes in ownership of students' IT equipment, IT driven communicative behavior, and use of apps as well as social media services over a period of twelve years. One further remarkable result is the very clear rejection of Facebook. Currently, even SMS is more frequently used than Facebook. Thus, it can be stated that Facebook is no longer a major platform for first-year students.
TitelProceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning
ErscheinungsortAmsterdam, Netherlands
Herausgeber (Verlag)Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 26 Juni 2019

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  • Information, Communication & Computing

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