papagenoX: Generation of Electronics and Logic for Embedded Systems from Application Software

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Embedded systems development usually starts with hardware engineering based on specific requirements of the systems. These requirements are mainly derived from the needs of the not yet developed software to be executed on the system. This process is predictive and many iterations are thus needed, as new requirements often arise during the software development period. In the future, the market will demand more and more sophisticated embedded systems with a much reduced time to market. It will thus be inevitable that system prototypes and series products will need to be created as fast as possible. To enable this, we propose a top-down approach termed papagenoX, dealing with the question of “How to generate all layers X of the embedded systems stack including hardware and reconfigurable logic units from application software?”. The present work is a work in progress and deals with the definition of the research questions and several ideas and concepts of how to fundamentally solve them. Hence, it aims at introducing ideas to create a generator for embedded systems electronics, reconfigurable logic and software.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 28 Feb 2020
Veranstaltung9th International Conference on Sensor Networks - Valletta, Malta
Dauer: 28 Feb 202029 Feb 2020
Konferenznummer: 9


Konferenz9th International Conference on Sensor Networks
KurztitelSENSORNETS 2020

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