Packings of Regular Pentagons in the Plane

Thomas Hales, Wöden Kusner

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We show that every packing of regular pentagons in the Euclidean plane has density less than 0.9611. Our proof is computer-assisted. We also give a detailed strategy for proving the Kuperberg-Kuperberg conjecture, which asserts that the optimal packing of regular pentagons in the plane is a double lattice, formed by aligned vertical columns of upward pointing pentagons alternating with aligned vertical columns of downward pointing pentagons. The strategy is based on estimates of the areas of Delaunay triangles. Our strategy reduces the Kuperberg conjecture to area minimization problems that involve at most four acute Delaunay triangles.
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PublikationsstatusIn Vorbereitung - 23 Feb 2016

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