Oxidized cellulose - Survey of the most recent achievements

Sergiu Coseri*, Gabriela Biliuta, Bogdan C. Simionescu, Karin Stana-Kleinschek, Volker Ribitsch, Valeria Harabagiu

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The functionalization and particularly the oxidation of cellulose is an intriguing and challenging topic due to the presence of multiple reactive sites, which can undergo specific reactions. The variety of the oxidizing agents used to improve the selectivity and yields of these transformations is illustrated by the steadily growing of the number of publications and patents reported. This paper is focused on the most selective agents for cellulose oxidations, i.e.; sodium periodate and stable or non persistent nitroxyl radicals, emphasizing on the most recent developments reported so far.

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FachzeitschriftCarbohydrate Polymers
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Mär 2013
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