Messung der Distanz zwischen Dentalbohrerspitze und Zahn-Pulpa mittels Impedanzverfahren: Eine Machbarkeitsstudie

Stefan Unterkircher

Publikation: StudienabschlussarbeitMasterarbeit


The objective of this thesis lies in the distance measurement between tooth pulp and drill bit. In a first step a literature research was carried out in order to gather information on the state of the art within this field of research.

Based on the existing publications, the author conducted a feasibility study by using human teeth which were dissected and prepared in order to measure their bio impedance spectra during a controlled drilling process. The experimental part rewuired the design of an electronic front-end circuit, a water-cooling facility and a software for data acquisition and analysis.

From the impeance spectra eleven parameters were extracted and analyzed for correlations with the distance between drilling bit and pulp.

Due to considerable inter- and intra-individual scatter non of the investigated parameters could be classified as a reliable predictor for the distance. The high scatter is at least partly due to problems with cooling and removal of the the borings caused by the specific, very rigid mounting of the drill and the continuous constant feed of the drill head. Future investigations with a setup which mimicks a more realistic drilling situation may improve the data quality.
Titel in Übersetzung Distance measurement between drill bit and tooth pulp by use of the impedance-technique: a feasibility study
QualifikationMaster of Science
Gradverleihende Hochschule
  • Technische Universität Graz (90000)
Betreuer/-in / Berater/-in
  • Scharfetter, Hermann, Betreuer
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2013


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