Influence of project lead time and construction time on project targets

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Clients are the main stakeholders and decision makers when planning and implementing the project and building targets. They define milestones and related schedules, which is why they have a major influence on the quality and standard of workmanship in the individual project phases, with repercussions on the overall quality of the building or structure. The quality of the project documents depends on a sufficient (normal) project lead time and essentially determines the frequency and magnitude of disruptions and additional costs. For the client, this setting results in a major “apex” that determines the controllability of the project. This point in time is determined by the contract award. The quality standard achieved up to this point in terms of planning, tendering, and contract design will be crucial in enabling project success in the ensuing construction and operation phases. The client will subsequently have to bear any additional costs and/or deal with poorer quality resulting from prior deficiencies or shortcomings. When awarding the construction works, the commencement date and time to project completion, or construction time, will be agreed upon as the key binding contractual components.
TitelChances and Risks in Construction Management and Economics
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