In Situ Formation of TiB2 in Fe-B System with Titanium Addition and Its Influence on Phase Composition, Sintering Process and Mechanical Properties

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Interaction of iron and boron at elevated temperatures results in the formation of an E
(Fe + Fe2B) eutectic phase that plays a great role in enhancing mass transport phenomena during
thermal annealing and therefore in the densification of sintered compacts. When cooled down, this
phase solidifies as interconnected hard and brittle material consisting of a continuous network of
Fe2B borides formed at the grain boundaries. To increase ductile behaviour, a change in precipitates’
stoichiometry was investigated by partially replacing iron borides by titanium borides. The powder
of elemental titanium was introduced to blend of iron and boron powders in order to induce TiB2
in situ formation. Titanium addition influence on microstructure, phase composition, density and
mechanical properties was investigated. The observations were supported with thermodynamic
calculations. The change in phase composition was analysed by means of dilatometry and X-ray
diraction (XRD) coupled with thermodynamic calculations.
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