Impacts of Differnt Factors on Seepage and Land Uplift due to Compressed-Air Injection

Yongge Zang, Dongmei Sun, Ping Feng, Stephan Semprich

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In this study, using an in-situ, air-flow test in Essen, the impacts of different factors on multiphase flow and land uplift during and after compressed-air injection were investigated using numerical simulations. A loosely coupled, two-phase flow and geo-mechanical modeling approach, linking two numerical codes (TOUGH2/EOS3 and FLAC3D) was employed to simulate the in-situ, air-flow test for comparing the simulated and measured results. As the compressed air is injected, it flows upwards and laterally, and the vertical effective stress near and above the injection zones decreases owing to the pore pressure increasing here, causing an expansion of the soil skeleton in the corresponding zones. The land uplift, induced mainly by support actions from lower deformed soils, is relevant to the distribution of the porosity increments in the soil interior, and it increases rapidly during air injection. After the compressed-air injection stops, the land uplift decreases gradually to zero due to the overpressure dissipation. With a combination of intensive rainfall, the land uplift is slightly greater near the borehole, but it is significantly greater at a distance from the borehole than the land uplift with no or low rainfall, but the air-injection rate remains almost unchanged due to the unchangeable pore pressure near the injection region. As the intrinsic permeability increases or the air entry pressure decreases in the injected strata, both the land uplift and the airinjection rate increase, but the time required for the land uplift to become zero is slightly advanced with either a small permeability or a high air entry pressure.
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FachzeitschriftActa geotechnica Slovenica
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Dez. 2017


  • coupled two-phase flow and mechanical model
  • in situ air-flow test
  • compressed air injection
  • multiphase flow
  • land uplift
  • air loss

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  • Bauwesen

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  • Sustainable Systems

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