Effect of Manufacturing Influences on Magnetic Performance Parameters of Sub-Fractional Horsepower Motors

Stefan Leitner*, Hannes Grübler, Annette Muetze

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Depending on the stator lamination manufacturing processes (e.g., punching, laser cutting, clamping, welding, interlocking, bonding), the motor’s magnetic performance parameters such as cogging torque, hysteresis torque, and iron losses can vary significantly. In sub-fractional horsepower permanent magnet motors, the manufacturing influence is typically even more severe because, due to their small dimensions, practically the whole stator material is likely to be affected. This paper analyzes the magnetic performance parameters cogging torque, hysteresis torque, and iron losses of three different stator lamination stacks (i.e., M250-35A punched with interlocking, M250-35A laser cut with bonding, NO10 laser cut with bonding) of a sub-fractional horsepower single-phase brushless permanent magnet motor often found in automotive fan applications. A rheometer is used for extremely accurate torque measurements in the sub-milli-Newton meter range, and electron backscatter diffraction measurements are performed to visualize changes in the grain morphology and crystal orientation. The findings reveal that the punched stator with interlocking is affected the most by the manufacturing process, showing the lowest cogging torque yet the highest average hysteresis torque and thus up to 40% higher iron losses. The results presented in this paper allow for both making basic stator lamination design choices and translating the iron losses, as well as the hysteresis torque and cogging torque waveforms, of a laser cut and bonded prototype into those of its punched and interlocked mass-produced counterpart.
FachzeitschriftIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
PublikationsstatusAngenommen/In Druck - 13 Okt 2021

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