Device for the determination of the concentration of solid particles

Franz Knopf (Erfinder), Helmut Pongratz (Erfinder), Alexander Bergmann (Erfinder)

Publikation: SchutzrechtPatent


A device for determination of solid particle concentration includes a pre-diluter (6), a downstream heated evaporator (7), a secondary diluter (8) downstream of the evaporator (7) and a particle counter (5) connected to such. The secondary diluter (8) is a porous tube diluter and mounted between the outlet of the evaporator (7) and a stabilization chamber (14), from which the sample flow is branched off for the particle counter (5). With it, the concentration of the solid particles can be measured easily and controllably within a wide range without any corruption as a result of volatile aerosol particles.

IPCG01N 1/ 22 A I
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 15 Jul 2010


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