Design, Operation and Results of a Low-Cost Test Rig for Investigation of Thermal Properties of Rolling Element Bearings in Vacuum

Armin Buchroithner, Peter Haidl, Hannes Wegleiter, Martin Simonyi, Thomas Murauer

Publikation: KonferenzbeitragPoster


Data on thermal properties of ball bearings and roller bearings is scarce, yet of great importance to many rotating machines operating in a vacuum environment. This poster presents simple, but reliable methods to determine bearing properties required for accurate thermal system modeling, beginning from theoretical calculations to empiric testing. A through state-of-the-art analysis gives an overview of the existing analytical methods to determine thermal conductivity, points out their shortcomings and stresses the necessity of empirical methods. Consequently, the design of a low-cost test rig to determine thermal properties of rolling element bearings in a vacuum is described in detail. The test rig allows the variation of different ambient parameters and operating conditions. Finally results comparing different axial loads and running speeds are presented.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 18 Sep. 2019
Veranstaltung18th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium - Gasteig Conference Center, München, Deutschland
Dauer: 18 Sep. 201920 Sep. 2019


Konferenz18th European Space Mechanisms and Tribology Symposium
KurztitelESMATS 2019


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