Titelstory. Umweltschutz aus dem computer. CFD simulation verbessert industrielle rauchgasentschwefelungsanlagen von Austrian Energy & Environment

Christoph Hochenauer*, Thomas Willkommen

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The experienced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) experts at Austrian Energy & Environment (AEE) have tested new functions of the Fluent flow simulation software on the heart and kidneys. The leading international system supplier for thermal energy generation and environmental engineering introduced Fluent to the optimization of two industrial scrubbers for flue gas desulfurization facilities. Thereby the complex flow patterns inside the facility were made visible and the degree of removal of sulfur dioxide was improved and the operating costs were reduced. Various new functions in the present version of Fluent provide for a more efficient calculation process. The discussion covers introduction; simulating more rapidly and simply; together to success; a large and a small industrial scrubber as examples; and summary. Using specialized AEE developed User Defined Functions that are integrated into the Fluent flow simulation software, for the first time the highly complex processes in flue gas scrubbers are calculated close to actuality. By corresponding adjustments of the spray levels, nozzles, and inlet channels during the planning and construction of the flue gas desulfurization facility, the degree of separation has been increased and operating costs reduced. Various new functions in the present Fluent version provide for the results to be more quickly brought to the table. The large scrubber diameter is about 15 m and the small absorber diameter is 5.8 m. A three dimensional sketch, a photograph, and a depiction of the geometry of the large scrubber are provided. The profile measurements over long term operation indicated the sulfur dioxide data agreed well with the calculations using CFD simulation. The geometry and calculation grid are depicted of the small scrubber as well as the velocity vectors of the gas phase in meters per second, the disperse mass fraction of the scrubbing fluid in kilograms per cubic meter, and the sulfur dioxide concentration in the flue gas in milligrams per standard cu m, dry at 6% oxygen. In this scrubber, by optimal tuning of the nozzles there was a good and stable sulfur dioxide removal. The drop flight trajectory from a single nozzle at the highest spray level is also depicted. Photographs and diagrams.

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