Betrachtungen für ein Powerline-Kommunikationssystem für Antriebsbatterien

Arash Pake Talei*, Wolfgang A. Pribyl, Günter Hofer

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are without a doubt one of the hottest topics of our time because of their advantages over combustion engine vehicles. This has persuaded many developers to try improving EVs so they will be more reliable and cheaper and as a result suitable for a broader range of consumers. In this paper we dive into the proper way of measuring and understanding the impedance of one prismatic cell from 100 kHz up to 1 GHz. Some common measurement mistakes and important points to notice are also explained. The effect of a power bar is shown as well. In order to make sure of the accuracy and the consistency of the measurements, they are compared with finite element simulations as well as with mathematical calculations. Investigations of conducted emissions are also of key importance since it has a direct influence on selecting a suitable frequency range. Accordingly, a thorough lab measurement is conducted to see the distortion harmonics and their influence on the carrier frequency. This knowledge can then be used to implement the power line communication (PLC) method. The PLC technique helps us to reduce the wire harness of a battery pack by using the existing high-voltage lines of the vehicle as the main transmission channel. This leads to cheaper battery packs by reducing the amount of used material for the wire harness and production time as well as assembly complexity.

Titel in ÜbersetzungConsiderations for a power line communication system for traction batteries
Seiten (von - bis)3-14
FachzeitschriftElektrotechnik und Informationstechnik
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Feb. 2021


  • battery management system
  • conducted emissions
  • electric vehicle
  • finite element method
  • impedance measurement
  • power line communication

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  • Elektrotechnik und Elektronik


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