Approximating gecko setae via direct laser lithography

Omar Tricinci, Eric V. Eason, Carlo Filippeschi, Alessio Mondini, Barbara Mazzolai, Nicola M. Pugno, Mark R. Cutkosky, Francesco Greco, Virgilio Mattoli

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The biomimetic replication of dry adhesion present in the gecko's foot has attracted great interest in recent years. All the microfabrication techniques used so far were not able to faithfully reproduce the hierarchical and complex three-dimensional geometry of the gecko's setae, with features at the micro- and nano-scale, thus reducing the effectiveness that such conformal morphology could provide. By means of direct laser lithography we fabricated artificial hairs that faithfully reproduce the natural model. This technique allows the fabrication of three-dimensional microstructures with outstanding results in terms of reproducibility and resolution at the micro- and nano-scale. It was possible to get very close to the morphology of the natural gecko setae, especially concerning the hierarchical shape. We designed several morphologies for the setae and studied the effects in terms of adhesion and friction performances compared to the natural counterpart, showing the interplay between morphology, dimensional scaling and materials. Direct laser lithography promises great applications in the biomimetics field, paving the way to the implementation of the concept of hierarchical bioinspired dry adhesives.

FachzeitschriftSmart Materials and Structures
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 29 Mai 2018
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    Tricinci, O., Eason, E. V., Filippeschi, C., Mondini, A., Mazzolai, B., Pugno, N. M., ... Mattoli, V. (2018). Approximating gecko setae via direct laser lithography. Smart Materials and Structures, 27(7), [075009].