Agile Powertrain Development: Considerations to Incorporate Agile Principles

Andreas Lukas, Oliver Moerth-Teo*, Lukas Schwarz, Hans Peter Schnöll, Matthias Wolf, Christian Ramsauer*

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Pressure to increase effectiveness and efficiency drives the product development process. The software industry has been using agile development approaches due to their advantages when coping with uncertainties and simultaneously increasing value. Therefore, the following work deals with the considerations of agile powertrain development. In order to identify important conditions for the incorporation of agile principles into powertrain development, semistructured interviews were conducted with experts from an engineering company. Having identified agile development challenges, advantages, and principles, the next step is comparing agile principles with the current principles of conventional powertrain development. Furthermore, a basic understanding of the powertrain development process regarding the incorporation of agile principles is established, the main attributes of powertrain development are investigated, and the key disciplines involved are identified. Finally, a model is created to assess whether the application of an agile or conventional development approach is more suitable.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Dez 2021

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