A Model to Predict Liquid Bridge Formation between Wet Particles Based on Direct Numerical Simulations

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We study dynamic liquid bridge formation, which is relevant for wet granular flows involving highly viscous liquids and short collisions. Specifically, the drainage process of liquid adhering to two identical, non-porous wet particles with different initial film heights is simulated using Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS). We extract the position of the interface, and define the liquid bridge and its volume by detecting a characteristic neck position. This allows us building a dynamic model for predicting bridge volume, and the liquid remaining on the particle surface. Our model is based on two dimensionless mobility parameters, as well as a dimensionless time scale to describe the filling process. In the present work model parameters were calibrated with DNS data. We find that the proposed model structure is sufficient to collapse all our simulation data, indicating that our model is general enough to describe liquid bridge formation between equally sized particles
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FachzeitschriftAIChE Journal
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 16 Feb 2016

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    Redlinger-Pohn, J. D., Khinast, J., Radl, S., König, J., Mohan, B., König, L. M., Municchi, F., Witz, C., Forgber, T. & Wu, M.

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