A Comparison Between Ratio Detection and Threshold Comparison for GNSS Acquisition

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A comparison between two widespread global navigation satellite system (GNSS) acquisition strategies is presented. The first strategy bases its decision on comparing the energy within a cell to a threshold, while the second one uses the ratio between the two largest cell energies. It is shown that the first method outperforms the second one in terms of receiver operating characteristics (ROCs) in many practically relevant cases. Moreover, despite the purported simplicity of the ratio detection method, it is further shown that its complexity is comparable to or even higher than the one of threshold comparison with adaptive threshold setting.
Seiten (von - bis)1772-1779
FachzeitschriftIEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2012

Fields of Expertise

  • Information, Communication & Computing

Treatment code (Nähere Zuordnung)

  • Theoretical


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