Tracking for VR/AR

  • Pinz, Axel (Projektleiter (Principal Investigator))

    Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



    Tracking is a key technology in VR/AR; user´s head pose is needed at 6 degrees of freedom (6 DoF, i.e. 3 translations and 3 rotations) and interaction devices at 3-6 DoF. For fully mobile AR situations, hybrid inside-out tracking techniques have to be developed. The following situations will be covered:
    Outside-in optical tracking: A stationary, calibrated stereo rig monitors objects in the 3D scene.
    Inside-out optical / hybrid tracking: A calibrated monocular setup is attached to a stereo see-through display and tracks stationary landmarks, recovering position and orientation of the user. The setup is augmented by a 6DoF inertial tracker to achieve real-time performance.
    Tracking of artificial targets.
    Tracking of natural landmarks which have not been introduced into the scene for tracking ("natural" features of a room, building or person).
    Recognition of simple gestures (pointing, picking, releasing).
    Acceleration of optical tracking with CMOS camera technology.
    Inside-out 3D measurement/reconstruction and tracking: A calibrated stereo rig together with a 6DoF inertial tracker is mounted to a user's head and used to measure 3D coordinates of unknown objects. The benefits are:
    In collaborative AR, the position and gestures of a partner are tracked relative to the headset of another partner without any static landmarks, assuring full mobility.
    The geometry of unknown objects can be reconstructed.
    Known digital objects can be superimposed with their real instances.
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