Theoretical Study of the Photophysical Properties of Small Substituted Aromatic Molecules with TD-DFT and CEO Methods

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Quantum chemical computation and simulation of the absorption and emission spectra of cyano-substituted benzenoid and heterocyclic compounds of thiophene and pyrrole derivatives.
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Absorption Spectra Simulation for Small Donor-Acceptor Molecules using TD-DFT and DFT-B Molecular Dynamics

Kelterer, A-M., Lukes, V., Barbatti, M., Hofmann, O., Griesser, M., Stickler, B. & Lischka, H., 2007.

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DFT Simulation of the Absorption Spectrum of Tetracyano-p-phenylenediamine in Gas Phase and Solution

Stickler, B., Kelterer, A-M., Hofmann, O., Lukes, V., Barbatti, M. & Lischka, H., 2007.

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Molecular Dynamics Study of the Solvatochromism of Tetracyano-p-phenylenediamine Molecule

Solc, R., Lukes, V., Klein, E., Hofmann, O. & Kelterer, A-M., 26 Sep 2007.

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