The Effect of Hyperglycemia per se on Glucose Production and Glucose Uptake in Diabetic Subjects During Intravenous Glucose tolerance tests

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      Hyperglycemia per se can enhance glucose uptake (GU) and inhibit endogenous glucose production (EGP) in man. The aim of the current study was to assess the relative contributions of hyperglycemia's actions on GU and EGP in insulin-dependent diabetic subjects. Therfore, six diabetic subjects who had no residual insulin secretion underwent a labeled intravenous glucose tolerance test (LIVGTT) under conditions of basal insulin levels. The time course of the endogenous glucose concentration was calculated from the measured total glucose and tracer enrichment in the plasma samples. Endogenous glucose concentrations remained at basal levels during the LIVGTTs (P>0.12). Thus, in the presence of basal insulin levels, hyperglycemia per se did not significantly alter basal EGP. Therefore, in diabetic subjects, glucose decline during the LIVGTT is dominated by the effect of hyperglycemia per se to enhance GU.
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