SOSguide - Safety Monitoring System and Remote Guidance

    Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



    Within the project, a feasibilty study is performed which investigates the potential for the improvement of emergency call systems. The primary approach is the integration of navigation components and the enhancement of communication features. Linked to a geodata server, the systems parts rely on a desktop computer (in the call center) and on two different kinds of mobile units. The latter are used either by the person who asks for help or the persons who give (first) aid. After an emergency call has arrived in the call center, the mobile users position (by GPS or cellular positioning) and course (by compass) is visualized against the background of digital maps. Primarily, the system aims at remote assistance given to the systems users via a communication link. For example, if a blind pedestrian has lost his way, remote guidance can bring him back to an environment he is used to, or, an rescue team is optimally guided to the blinds position.
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