Mathematical Modeling and Finite Element Simulations of Atherosclerotic Arteries

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    The main interest of the research group Computational Biomechanics is the simulation of the highly nonlinear behavior of (bio)mechanical structures using the Finite-Element-Method. As a strong and powerful theoretical tool nonlinear continuum mechanics and constitutive (material) theory is applied - an essential research field of the group.

    The research project is directed along the improvement of physical modeling and computer simulation of atherosclerotic arteries and the process of balloon angioplasty in a clinically relevant way.

    The main purpose is to study arteries with plaque deposits on its wall. In order to capture the high stress concentrations near lipid pools, which give an essential assertion of the actual rupture, numerical studies are performed. With the goal to predict dilation success for effective treatment planning the research group develops lesion-specific performances of balloon angioplasty.
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