Integrating Shape from Stereo and Shape from Focus for Surface Reconstruction in Optical Microscopy

  • Danzl, Reinhard, (Teilnehmer (Co-Investigator))

Projekt: Foschungsprojekt


The goal of this project is the development of a digital stereo
microscopy system to reconstruct the 3D surface of different
specimens. Due to the small depth of field of microscopes and the
inclination of the imaging tubes a small area of the specimen can
be seen in focus only. Thus, the combination and calibration of
different 'Shape from X' methods is necessary. In this case X
stands for stereo and focus. Questions concerning setup
design and setup calibration, image acquisition, reconstruction
and visualization are treated. not assigned GG: Internal Project of the Institute
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/04/0230/09/04