Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



GIS technology (GIS = Geographic Information System) was the key technology in the project HMS (Hochwasser-Management-System Graz). In this project, the City Administration of Graz, represented by its Department of Surveying and by the Department of Fire and Emergency Rescue, has supported an investigation and subsequent implementation of GIS-related tools for the monitoring of flood scenarios along the river Mur within the administrative boundaries of the city, as well as emergency plans for various flood scenarios. The primary focus is set on determining the areas which would be flooded according to different inundation levels and evaluating the objects (buildings, streets, bridges) that are being touched in those cases. Subsequently, rescue plans for residents, school children, hospital patients etc can be developed and rescue routes can be determined, depending on the flood level. Another focus is the investigation of how appropriate the GIS data modelling in a typical city administration environment is for such an application, which improvements are necessary and which stage of refinement in data modelling is feasible while still being economical.
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