Hochspannungsgeräte und Systeme

Projekt: Arbeitsgebiet



High-voltage research and development activities cover a wide area of devices and systems. Main emphasis is given to the different types of high voltage insulating systems used in electrical machines and devices e.g.
· high-voltage power and instrument transformers
· rotating high voltage machines
· high-voltage cables and overhead lines
· bushings and outdoor insulation
· switchgears and connectors
· gas insulated systems
Dielectric diagnostics and monitoring of insulating components as well as of entire high-voltage power components. There are a lot of specific test facilities for life-time tests (simultaneous ageing under electrical and thermal stressing) as well as for voltage tests of large high-voltage transformer components and oil/paper insulating systems (vacuum drying and degassing). R & D deals additionally with improved high-voltage test procedures and devices (e.g. calibration of high-voltage dividers).
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