• Merdonig, Andreas (Teilnehmer (Co-Investigator))
  • Strasser, Patrick Josef, (Teilnehmer (Co-Investigator))
  • Bergmann, Michael, (Projektleiter (Principal Investigator))

Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



The Global Educational Network for Satellite Operations (GENSO) is an ESA ground station standard that aims to increase the data return from educational space missions by forming a worldwide network of ground stations. Significantly increased data return and accessibility can dramatically boost the value of investment of educational space missions. Radio amateur frequencies are foreseen which reduce the efforts with respect to development, equipment costs, as well as legal issues to a minimum. The GENSO Graz project aims to construct a GENSO ground station at the institutes premises which allows the IKS to support educational space science missions. Hands-on education of students, and involvement in future developments of the GENSO standard areadditional stategic benefits.
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/01/1131/01/12