EU - ISHTAR - Integrated Software for Health, Transport Efficiency and Artistic Heritage Recovery

Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



The aim of ISHTAR Project is to build an advanced software suite for the analysis of the effects of short-term actions and long-term policies to improve the quality of the environment, citizen’s health, conservation of monuments. The activities will start and conclude in the 8 involved cities, and will be a continuous open gate to all the European cities interested in ISHTAR activities. The measures to be tested on the field and modelled with the suite will be defined by the cities, the first users of the results. The suite will include both existing and newly developed models, covering the areas of citizens behaviour, transport, vehicles emissions noise and safety, pollutants dispersion, house heating emissions, health, monuments degradation. These will find integration in the use of a GIS and of user-friendly integration software. The result will be the building and application to real cases of an innovative tool for urban management.
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