EU - COTTONBLEACH - Improved Novel Eco-Friendly Bleaching System for Cotton Using Enzyme and Ultrasound Processes

Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



Cotton textiles the main natural-fibre textile used worldwide undergo a toxic, water intensive and costly bleaching process with a negative impact on quality. Current bleaching methods use hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochloride (bleach) resulting in fabric damage, formation of toxic by-products and consumption of large amounts of water and energy to remove these chemicals. CottonBleach focuses on the development of a Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) bleaching system, compatible with existing machinery. Novel enzymes (carbohydrate oxidases) as smart and highly specific biocatalysts will be employed to produce hydrogen peroxide in-situ directly on the fibres while other enzymes (laccases) will specifically degrade coloured matter without any impact on bulk properties. These sequential enzymatic processes will be supported by ultrasound technology to obtain a better quality product with less fibre damage and moreover save thousands of Euros in water, energy, chemical and emissions.
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