Carbon-Silicon-Transition Metal Hybrid Molecular Wires

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The main aim of this project is to design new hybride inorganic/organometallic materials, by incorporating silicon atoms into carbon-rich chains ended by metals with d5, d6 electronic configurations, possessing tunable redox and spectroscopic properties. Spectroscopic and electrochemical properties of the target compounds are investigated including computational studies in order to gain deeper insight into structural and electronic features.
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Electronic Interactions via Polysilane Bridges in Transition Metal Containing Polysilanes

Stüger, H., Braunwarth, M., Hamon, J-R. & Lapinte, C., 2008.

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Redox-Active Organometallics: Magnetic and Electronic Couplings through Carbon−Silicon Hybrid Molecular Connectors

Hamon, P., Justaud, F., Cador, O., Hapiot, P., Rigaut, S., Toupet, L., Ouahab, L., Stüger, H., Hamon, J-R. & Lapinte, C., 2008, in : Journal of the American Chemical Society. 130, S. 17372-17383

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Electronic Interactions in 1-Ethynyl-2-phenyltetramethyldisilanes HCCSiMe2SiMe2C6H4X

Shaw-Taberlet, J., Hamon, J-R., Roisnel, T., Lapinte, C., Flock, M., Mitterfellner, T. & Stüger, H., 2007, in : Journal of organometallic chemistry. 692, 11, S. 2046-2055

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