A.T.O.N. - Common Thermical and Ecological Verifications

  • Reichard, Georg (Projektleiter (Principal Investigator))

Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



The departments of Structural Analysis and industrial design have developed a computer program, which should help to find answers on the questions of building physics in special regard to Educational purposes.

Due to the ever increasing number of new materials, with a concurrent increasing number of regulations, it is for the student more and more complicated, to understand the basic principles of building physics. One of the main targets of the subject building physics for architecture and civil engineering students is to know about the heat and moisture flow processes in building components. Thermal bridges should be avoided and moisture levels should be kept low in order to avoid a loss of heat or even demages.

The object-oriented building-physics software A.T.O.N. (which is the acronym for the German "General Thermal and Ecological Verifications") has been successfully used for teaching building-physics.
It comes with an user-friendly interface, which is easy and effortless to learn. Every manipulation of data is immediately monitored in graphical windows. In order to achieve this "question & answer"-concept a hybrid system was set up. This system consists of quick C- and Fortran-DLLs combined with the dylogAPL interpreter using CausewayPro as an interactive development environment.
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