A4 AG Enzymtechnologie

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    The research of the "Enzyme-Technology Group" in the department of Biotechnology is focused on the biotechnological production, purification and
    characterisation of industrially important enzymes. Besides the use of different optimisation strategies for experimental design and process development the attention is directed towards intensive kinetic analysis of the reactions involved.
    The main research areas are enzymes involved in the degradation and synthesis of biopolymers like hydrolysis of plant biomass and oligosacchidsynthesis. Furthermore enzymes for pulp and paper industries applied in biobleaching and deinking are under investigation. Moreover enzymes from "Extremophiles" (xylanases, endoglucanases, etc) and enzymes used in "Biocatalysis and Biotransformations" (hydroxynitrile lyases, lipases) are studied within the frame of national (SFB) and international (EC) joint research programmes.
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