Mattauch-Herzog Award

  • Jürgen Hartler (Empfänger/-in)

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The German Mass Spectrometry Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Massenspektrometrie, DGMS) presents the Mattauch-Herzog Award endowed by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Established in 1988 it is considered as one of the most prestigious scientific award in analytical sciences. Scientists in mass spectrometry are honoured by the award under the patronage of DGMS recognizing significant achievements made in the early stages of their career.
The Mattauch-Herzog Award takes the name of two pioneers in mass spectrometry, Josef Mattauch and Richard Herzog who developed fundamental aspects of mass spectroscopic ion optics and, in 1934, presented a novel type of mass spectrometer equipped with ion optics which became known world-wide as the “Mattauch-Herzog-System”.
The Mattauch-Herzog Award recognizes a significant achievement in one of the two major fields of modern mass spectrometry, viz. organic/biochemical analytical science or element and isotope analyses. In the context of these two wide areas of applications there is no limit to the subject of research, as long as it constitutes an important and pioneering novel application of mass spectrometry or an outstanding advance in methodology and instrumentation.
OrganisationenGerman Society for Mass Spectrometry (DGMS)

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event52nd Annual Conference of the DGMS
locationUniversity of Rostock, Rostock, Deutschland
Zeitraum10 Mär 2019 → 13 Mär 2019

ÖFOS 2012 (6-stellig)

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