Sebastian Maximilian Dennerlein

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An infrastructure for workplace learning analytics: Tracing knowledge creation with the social semantic server

Ruiz-Calleja, A., Dennerlein, S., Kowald, D., Theiler, D., Lex, E. & Ley, T., 5 Aug 2019, in : Journal of Learning Analytics. 6, 2, S. 120-139 20 S.

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Open Access

Going beyond your personal learning network, using recommendations and trust through a multimedia question-answering service for decision-support: A case study in the healthcare

Santos, P., Dennerlein, S., Theiler, D., Cook, J., Treasure-Jones, T., Holley, D., Kerr, M., Attwell, G., Kowald, D. & Lex, E., 1 Jan 2016, in : Journal of Universal Computer Science . 22, 3, S. 340-359 20 S.

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HowTo: Scientific Work in Interdisciplinary and Distributed Teams

Lex, E. & Dennerlein, S. M., 2015, STCSN E-Letter, 3, 1.

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Scaling the support for informal learning at the workplace: a model and four designs from a large-scale design-based research effort

Ley, T. T., Cook, J., Dennerlein, S. M., Kravcik, M., Kunzmann, C., Pata, K., Purma, J., Sandars, J., Santos, P., Schmidt, A., Al-Smadi, M. & Trattner, C., 2014, in : British Journal of Educational Technology. 45, 6, S. 1036–1048

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