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The Institute of Paper, Pulp and Fibre Technology is the major institute in Austria to perform research and development and to educate students in the field of pulp, paper and biobased materials. The philosophy of the Institute is to combine practical needs of industrial partners with high level research in order to provide the best possible environment for students to acquire and to apply the obtained knowledge. The institute is involved in many large scale research activities to advance the use of biobased products, to optimize value chains with a focus on the pulp and paper industry and to develop new wood-based materials with added value while better understanding basic interaction mechanisms in these materials. These activities are performed in the frame of COMET projects, CD laboratories, EU programs, FFG and FWF projects and cover both fundamental and applied research. In teaching the institute's activities mainly focus on the area of specialisation "Biobased Materials and Fibre Technology" in the master's programme "Chemical and Process Engineering" and on the master's programme "Biorefinery Engineering", which was developed recently together with university and industrial partners to meet the need of the bioabased industries. The university programme "Pulp and Paper Technology" (60 ECTS, 2 semesters) is also offered and has the target to qualify professionals from other fields of study for advanced activities in the broad field of the paper and pulp industry as well as in the related supplier industry. The institute is certified according to the ISO 17025 standard and also provides research services for the pulp, paper and biobased materials industry.

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Forschungsoutput 1987 2019

A continuum micromechanics approach to the elasticity and strength of planar fiber networks: Theory and application to paper sheets

Godinho, P. M. J. S., Jajcinovic, M., Wagner, L., Vass, V., Fischer, W. J., Bader, T. K., Hirn, U., Bauer, W., Eberhardsteiner, J. & Hellmich, C., 1 Mai 2019, in : European Journal of Mechanics, A/Solids. 75, S. 516-531 16 S.

Publikation: Beitrag in einer FachzeitschriftArtikelForschungBegutachtung

Circuit theory
elastic properties

A minimal continuum representation of a transverse isotropic viscoelastic pulp fibre based on micromechanical measurements

Seidlhofer, T., Czibula, C. M., Teichert, C., Payerl, C., Hirn, U. & Ulz, M. H., 2019, in : Mechanics of Materials. 135, S. 149-161 13 S.

Publikation: Beitrag in einer FachzeitschriftArtikelForschungBegutachtung

complex compounds

Anticoagulent Nanoparticles from Low-Molecular-Weight Sulfonated Chitosan

Heise, K., Hobisch, M., Sacarescu, L., Maver, U., Hobisch, J., Sega, M. & Fischer, S., 15 Apr 2019.

Publikation: KonferenzbeitragPosterForschungBegutachtung

Aktivitäten 1985 2019

Applied Surface Science (Fachzeitschrift)

Werner Schlemmer (Peer reviewer)
Mai 2019

Aktivität: Peer review oder HerausgebertätigkeitPeer review-Tätigkeit

Carbohydrate polymers (Fachzeitschrift)

Stefan Spirk (Mitglied des Herausgebergremiums)
1 Jul 20191 Jul 2021

Aktivität: Peer review oder HerausgebertätigkeitHerausgebertätigkeit

Program Committee DITP Conference, Bled, Slovenia, DITP, Ljubljana (Slowenien) (Externe Organisation)

Wolfgang Bauer (Mitglied)
1 Jul 20191 Nov 2019

Aktivität: MitgliedschaftMitgliedschaft in Programmkomitee


Best Presentation Award Fundamental Research Symposium 2017, Oxford (TAPPI Paper Physics Committee)

Robert Schennach (Empfänger/-in) & Ulrich Hirn (Empfänger/-in), 2018

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Dr. Carl Kellner-Ehrenzeichen

Wolfgang Bauer (Empfänger/-in), 27 Mai 2009

Auszeichnung: Preise / Medaillen / Ehrungen

Josef Krainer Förderungspreis 2008

Michael Donoser (Empfänger/-in), 12 Mai 2008

Auszeichnung: Preise / Medaillen / Ehrungen

Presse / Medien

Lignin als nachhaltige Ressource für Redox-Flow-Batterien

Werner Schlemmer & Stefan Spirk


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Innovationen in der Papier- und Zellstoffforschung

Stefan Spirk


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Presse/Medien: Presse / Medien

2.5 Mio.Euro für Grazer Forscher

Stefan Spirk, Andreas Petrovic & Hermann Scharfetter


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