Our Lab is one of the leading labs in brain-computer communication. We are an internationally renowned research institution with a research focus on brain-computer communication and dynamics of brain oscillations. More specifically, we have extensive expertise in EEG recording, offline and online processing of brain signals and biosignals in general, feature extraction, detection and classification of brain patterns, and neurofeedback systems. The so-called “Graz BCI” was one of the first online EEG-based BCIs introduced over 20 years ago. Various applications for this system, including spelling devices, computer games, functional electrical stimulation (FES), and navigation in virtual environments have been developed and tested in healthy users and several patient populations. We successfully organized six major international BCI conferences over the last 15 years and successfully finished the EU projects Presenccia (2006-2009), Eye-To-IT (2006-2009) and Future BNCI (2010-2011). Our group is currently involved in the EU projects TOBI (2008-2012), DECODER (2010-2012), BETTER (2010-2012), BrainAble (2010-2012), ABC (2011-2014), BackHome (2012-2015) and BNCI Horizon 2020 (2013-2015). Currently we are coordinating the H2020 EU Project MoreGrasp (2015-2018).


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  • Best paper award

    Si-Mohammed, H. (Empfänger/-in), Lopes-Dias, C. (Empfänger/-in), Müller-Putz, Gernot (Empfänger/-in), Scherer, Reinhold (Empfänger/-in), Lécuyer, A. (Empfänger/-in), Jeunet, C. (Empfänger/-in), Casiez, G. (Empfänger/-in), Argelaguet, F. (Empfänger/-in) & Duarte, M. (Empfänger/-in), 2020

    Auszeichnung: Preise / Medaillen / Ehrungen

  • CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 - 2nd place

    Prietl, P. (Empfänger/-in), Kobler, R. (Empfänger/-in), Hehenberger, Lea (Empfänger/-in), Lopes Dias, M. C. (Empfänger/-in), Krajnc, A. (Empfänger/-in), Müller-Putz, Gernot (Empfänger/-in), Uroko, J. (Empfänger/-in), Srisrisawang, N. (Empfänger/-in), Torke, P. R. (Empfänger/-in), Malin, P. (Empfänger/-in), Györffy, M. (Empfänger/-in), Lazaro Garcia, E. (Empfänger/-in), Dushi, A. (Empfänger/-in), Tumfart, P. (Empfänger/-in) & Hübner, T. (Empfänger/-in), 17 Sep. 2019

    Auszeichnung: Preise / Medaillen / Ehrungen

  • Finalist in the Student Paper Competition

    Schlögl, Alois (Empfänger/-in), 2000

    Auszeichnung: Preise / Medaillen / Ehrungen