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A novel MRI visualization tool for white matter pathology in multiple sclerosis

Xiao, M., Do, T., Helmick, L., Soh, J., Fisk, A., Fisk, J. D., Robertson, G. & Sensen, C. W., 15 Nov 2010.

Publikation: KonferenzbeitragAbstractForschung

Translation initiation factors are over-expressed in aggressive lymphomas and influence their clinical course

Unterluggauer, J. J., Prochazka, K., Tomazic, P. V., Huber, H. J., Seeboeck, R., Fechter, K., Steinbauer, E., Gruber, V., Feichtinger, J., Pichler, M., Weniger, M. A., Kuppers, R., Sill, H., Schicho, R., Neumeister, P., Beham-Schmid, C., Deutsch, A. & Haybaeck, J., 2018, in : Oncology Research and Treatment. 41, S. 164 1 S.

Publikation: Beitrag in einer FachzeitschriftAbstractForschung