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Zeitraum14 Dez 2016




  • TitelMitherausgeber und Vorwort
    Medienbezeichnung/OutletPrison Island Goli Otok A Documentary
    Datum der Veröffentlichung14/12/16
    BeschreibungGoli Otok – the naked island – was the gulag of the Tito regime. After Tito had detached from the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia was an authoritarian country where Stalin was to be opposed. Those who rejected his system disappeared to a place where people became prisoners and prisoners turned into each other’s worst enemies. People were brought to the island without court processes. Within sight of the holiday island Rab they were deprived of their individuality and, in many cases, also of their lives.This book collates and identifies different methods and ways of working with the spatial and temporal components of fading and preservation, supposing that dealing with memory may be the memory itself.
    PersonenArmin Stocker, Roger Riewe, Ziga Kresevic