Biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2018 Compact: We are the Next Generation

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Susa by Leon Chanteux

The chair/stool combined with stepladder is no new idea, (see above for a few more thoughts on the re-imagining of the existing) there is/was however something elegantly endearing about the way Technical University of Graz stude…..


Yes Graz, Austria.


The Technical University Graz were invited as a guest institution to submit works by students from their Studio for Furniture Design and Prototypes, not that Leon Chanteux appears to be a student at Graz, but rather to be/have been there for a semester as an exchange student. Which is all we know, we sadly don’t know from where, just “Germany”…. Ok?


…where were we. ….. standing in a long tradition of objects combining seating with stepping functionalities arguably the key to Susa is that you don’t automatically recognise it as a two in one, that the naturalness with which the two are combined tends to see them merge into one, as with that vase/face optical illusion, you see both at once, but always only one at a time. Although a relatively substantial object the intelligent and well realised construction lends Susu a very pleasing reduction and universality. Or put another way, as an object Susa doesn’t do anything spectacular or revolutionary, but does so in a very satisfyingly uncomplicated, accessible and charming manner.

Zeitraum10 Okt 2018